Art Raker / Art for Peace / 18.09.14-25.09.14




The relentless and tedious media coverage recounting the seemingly unsolvable issues in conflict zones does little to alleviate the suffering of the victims and leaves us helpless in the wake of their horrifying reports about all kinds of terror and suffering as a result of war, violence or human rights violations. Conflict art communicates differently. It brings another kind of message and real assistance to those living in terrible conflicts…it is art which identifies and comments on problems afflicting contemporary society and has been created by artists who spread that message and in doing so are finding ways to move society towards resolution and reconciliation. This unique artistic vocation where indeed the artist is a true and perhaps unique catalyst for change transforms messages which are ineffectual in the media into messages that inspire real change. Conflict art can relieve the distress and grief associated with conflict. The goal of the traveling Artraker exhibition is ​to give these artists and their artworks a public forum, on site, in conflict zones so that the impact can resonate with far and wide and can inspire and empower the local population to evolve towards leading to necessary conflict resolution. Issues such as violence against women, social injustice, and fratricidal war are dealt with in a human but direct manner healing, reconciling and resolving these deeply entrenched problems plaguing the community.” Nikki Marquardt


In 2014/15 the travelling exhibitionThe Art of Peace’, curated by Nikki Diana Marquardt, will bring these outstanding artists to Colombo, Kabul from November 26th and Paris. /

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