“Calligraffiti” Project – PARIS-KABUL 2012

In the framework of  the”Kabul international Arts Festival” here are two projects based on the theme of “identity and reconciliation” that I will be launching at the end of 2012-2013. 

– A workshop in Kabul with “calligrafiti” artist eL Seed and the production of a mural in Kabul with young afghan street artists.
– Followed by a mural in Paris with eL Seed and the Akrylonumerik team on the outside wall of my Paris based gallery.

More about eL Seed: French born from tunisian parents, he immigrated to Canada in the 2000’s. eL Seed perceives Arabic Calligraphy as a tangible expression of his search for identity. “I’m looking for my roots, my origins. I’m an immigrant’s son and I myself immigrated to the United States and Canada. I need to know where I am and who I am“. He is the product of a double marginality : an artist seeking a voice in both the oriental and the occidental world. “It is also a way for me to reconcile two worlds, two cultures”. 

… To be continued at the gallery soon

The Paris based street art collective Akrylonumerik, whose name translates as digital acrylic, have been performing together for the best part of a decade pioneering the use of digital technology in audio-visual and animation infused performances. They are using touch-screen technology to compose and manipulate projected imagery.

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